Markleford's Tracks

Let's just admit it: my slow trickle of output has all but stopped at this point.

I don't write for myself anymore. Most of these tracks were from the KVR monthly competition, many years back, but these days I only manage occasional game or video soundtrack work (mostly for The Lumber Baron of Jasper County).

Otherwise, pretty much the entirety of my musical energies go towards producing my band, The James Rocket. I don't write for that, though, but it allows me to apply my skills while casting aside the self-imposed pressure of coming up with a "unique voice", which I was never quite able to do.

97 tracks total.

Track Written for...
 Watson and the Shark (Pictures as an Imposition, part 1)   stream   KVR June 2014 (Free For All) 
 Never (Let You Go)   stream   KVR May 2014 (School Dance) 
 Lumber Baron Opening Theme   stream   The Lumber Baron of Jasper County web series 
 Quiet Life (orig: Japan (Sylvian, et al))   stream   Hypothetical Keys Audition 
 5c00p5   stream   KVR August 2011 (Scoops "5" Tribute) 
 Francis Gary (orig: The James Rocket)   stream   KVR May 2010 (Free For All) 
 One More Calamity   stream   KVR July 2009 (Picture This) 
 i robot (2009)   stream   KVR June 2009 (Who Are You?) 
 Absence and Angel (orig: Ad Hoc Troubador)   stream   KVR May 2009 (3/4) 
 The Way of the World   stream   KVR March 2009 (Nature's Way) 
 Social Dynamics   stream   KVR February 2009 (Dynamics) 
 Opted In (orig: The James Rocket)   stream   KVR January 2009 (Resolution) 
 Anything (3:00)   stream   KVR October 2008 (Rocktober) 
 One Chord Only   stream   KVR July 2008 ((k)NuPunk) 
 Pixel (orig: DrApostropheX)   stream   KVR February 2008 (Cover KVR) 
 Preset Perverter   stream   KVR November 2007 (Strange and Beautiful Combinations) 
 Major Boring   stream   KVR October 2007 (Theme Ideas and Dev Challenge) 
 Scorny   stream   KVR September 2007 (YRUme) 
 Oh No! Mr. Sloppy is Back!   stream   KVR August 2007 (Form: AABA) 
 Rainbow   stream   KVR July 2007 (5 Years of Markleford) 
 Five Year Waltz to Suicide   stream   KVR June 2007 
 Hard Rubber   stream   KVR May 2007 (Three) 
 Surprise! More Math-Jazz!   stream   KVR April 2007 (MIDI Madness) 
 Plowshares to Swords to Plowshares: A Progressive Rock Odyssey (Abridged)   stream   KVR March 2007 (Prog Rock) 
 Love Is Round (orig: Emerald Tablet)   stream   KVR February 2007 (Love or Hate) 
 The Heart's Filthy Lesson (orig: David Bowie)   stream   KVR January 2007 (Pedal Point) 
 Math-Music Manifesto (with Beardedone as Beardleford)   stream   KVR December 2006 (Anthem) 
 KVR Irrational Anthem (with Unfocused as Unfockleford)   stream   KVR December 2006 (Anthem) 
 anathema (with Miro as miroford)   stream   KVR December 2006 (Anthem) 
 Cat Food (orig: King Crimson)   stream   KVR November 2006 (Eat Me) 
 Horror Chase Thing   stream   "The Cord" OST 
 Barbiturate   stream   KVR October 2006 (Instrumental) 
 Sloe Gin Baby   stream   "Jive" OST 
 Bible Belt   stream   KVR September 2006 (The World!) 
 Thermostat (orig: They Might Be Giants, backing vocals: Victor Lams)   stream   KVR August 2006 (Back to School) 
 Prairie Gamelan (Baris)   stream   KVR July 2006 (Genre Hybrid) 
 Comes a Time   stream   KVR June 2006 (FIGHT!) 
 Spy Thing   stream   "Overblown" OST 
 Life is Schweet (orig: oddbods finger)   stream   KVR May 2006 (Muzak Covers) 
 blahblahblah   stream   KVR April 2006 (Doing Time) 
 Break-up Song (disguised as Subsequent Lavatarians)   stream   KVR March 2006 (Masquerade) 
 Ugly Skins   stream   KVR February 2006 (Ugly Babies) 
 Martian Improvisational Form   stream   KVR January 2006 (Martian Folk) 
 Fortean Update (TV Theme)   stream   KVR December 2005 (New TV Theme) 
 Space (Mouse) Oddity (orig: David Bowie)   stream   KVR November 2005 (Easy & Cheesy in the Lo-Fi Lounge) 
 The Denied   stream   KVR October 2005 (FRANKENMIX) 
 Chameleon (3:09, orig: Herbie Hancock)   stream   KVR September 2005 (Moog) 
 Sax, Dub, Understanding   stream   KVR August 2005 (vurtstock) 
 Ending Muzak   stream   "Trust Beam" OST 
 Rio Azul   stream   KVR July 2005 (Music To Dance To) 
 Broken (raw demo mix)   stream   KVR June 2005 (Major Label Demo) 
 Iteratione   stream   KVR May 2005 
 Hippie Garden Plot   stream   KVR April 2005 (Spring is in the Air) 
 Hank v Jackalope   stream   "Return of the Jackalope" OST 
 Tears of Frustration   stream   KVR March 2005 
 Fludity (Pathos-Pusher Permutation) (orig: VitaminD)   stream   KVR February 2005 (Liberate an Unheard Personality) 
 Tender Hesitation   stream   "Spleen" OST 
 Desert Island CD Malfunction (3:30)   stream   KVR January 2005 (Be Yourself) 
 Bleak Night   stream   KVR December 2004 (Oblique Bleak Night) 
 Three of a Perfect Pair (orig: King Crimson)   stream   KVR November 2004 (Covers) 
 Sudden Sam   stream   KVR October 2004 Alt (44 Seconds of FEAR) 
 Empress Schwa Demands
Tribute from the Universe
 stream   KVR October 2004 (Found Sounds) 
 Supersquaremariopusherland   stream   KVR September 2004 (One Instrument) 
 Don't Let Sleek Month Win   stream   KVR August 2004 
 Kiken-Ga-Ippai (orig: Kazumi Watanabe)   stream   KVR July 2004 (METEL REVENGE) 
 Orbital Covert Ops: Deathshadow   stream   KVR June 2004 (Sci-Fi) 
 Happy Happy Happy   stream   "Dropping the Gloves" OST 
 Sloppy Tsunami   stream   KVR May 2004 
 Hurry Up and Die   stream   KVR April 2004 (Hurry Up) 
 Mobo Nuevo (KVR People)   stream   KVR March 2004 (Islands) 
 Cello Trio   stream   KVR February 2004 
 Burnt Credit Remix   stream   "Burnt Sienna" OST 
 Madcap Vegas Caper   stream   KVR January 2004 ("Cold Knight, Hot Pursuit") 
 Ashes to Ashes (orig: David Bowie)   stream   KVR December 2003 (Covers) 
 Lonely World   stream   KVR November 2003 
 Horse Funk   stream   KVR October 2003 (Loops) 
 Zomboni   stream   KVR October 2003 Alt (Pink and Scary) 
 Mental Mastication   stream   KVR September 2003 
 Smoke: Lounge   stream   KVR August 2003 (Unplugged) 
 Two of Twelve   stream   KVR July 2003 
 Punk Rock Song   stream   KVR June 2003 (Punk) 
 Unreal Vegas Gig   stream   KVR May 2003 ("Share an Unreal Sensation") 
 Swagger: Medium   stream   "Exclusive" OST 
 Theme From
Big Hero Team Six
 stream   KVR April 2003 
 Cecilia Ann (orig: Surftones)   stream   Commission 
 I, Robot   stream   KVR March 2003 
 Bloog   stream   KVR February 2003 Alt (Hip-Hop) 
 Dance: Revolution   stream   KVR February 2003 (80's) 
 Maybe Razor   stream   KVR January 2003 (MOST METEL) 
 Sleep Defeated   stream   KVR December 2002 
 Watermelon Man (orig: Herbie Hancock)   stream   KVR November 2002 (Covers) 
 Guaranteed Panty Peeler   stream   KVR October 2002 (Romance) 
 Zappish   stream   KVR September 2002 
 pHATcell   stream   KVR August 2002 
 Fugue-Hop   stream   KVR July 2002 
 One pHAT Minute   stream   pHATmatik PRO demo 
 Horn Requiem   stream   "Last Day in November" OST